The Japan Association of Athletics Federations announced the selection criteria for the Tokyo Olympics, which was postponed for one year, and the track and field events followed the criteria shown before the postponement, and the Japan Championship in June was virtually " It will be a place for "one-shot selection".

On land, all six men and women marathons have been nominated as representatives of the Tokyo Olympics, and a total of 16 people have been nominated, including racewalking and long-distance events.

On the 25th, the Japan Association of Athletics Federations announced a new selection method for track and field events at an online board meeting.

With regard to various events other than the long-distance events where the Japan Championships are held, the players who finished in 3rd place at the Japan Championships to be held in June and broke the standard participation record by the end of the tournament were nominated as representatives. I will.

For example, the men's 100 meters, which is expected to secure three Olympic qualification slots, will be nominated as a representative at that time if the athletes within the third place in the Japan Championship break the participation standard record, and the Japan Championship will It will be a de facto "one-shot selection" venue.

In addition, there is a way to be selected based on the world ranking, but on the 25th following the Asian Wrestling Championships in May, the "Golden Grand Prix", an international competition held in Japan in May every year, will not be held. It has been announced that players may not get the points they need to rank.

Regarding this, the Japan Association of Athletics Federations has a policy of discussing with the International Federation of Athletics Federations, "I would like to explore new paths and support athletes while assuming various things."

Test tournament held in Tokyo and Sapporo in May

The Japan Association of Athletics Federations has decided to hold a test tournament for the Tokyo Olympics in Tokyo and Sapporo in May.

According to this, the venue was changed to Sapporo City, and the marathon test tournament, which had not been scheduled after that, was postponed due to the influence of the new coronavirus on the course of Sapporo City on May 5th. We will hold a test tournament such as on May 9th at the National Stadium.

Mitsugi Ogata, Managing Director of the Japan Association of Athletics Federations, who is the general manager of the Japanese team at the Tokyo Games, said, "Although it is a headwind for the Tokyo Games, we are steadily preparing for the event. The true value of sports. We will hold competitions while taking careful measures against infection in order to convey the significance, role and value to the people. "