It was on Thursday that Karlsson told SVT Sports reporter Moa Jörnmark:

- Had we had to line up with two teams, we would have had two Swedish teams on the podium, Karlsson said about the upcoming World Cup relay in Oberstdorf on March 4.

Sweden is the reigning world champion after Stina Nilsson decided against Therese Johaug in Seefeld 2019.

Do you use Sweden as a driving force?

- Yes, it's lighter fluid for me.

Frida can say what she wants.

She takes on the favorite herself and it does us nothing.

Sweden will have to change two skiers and get a stronger team, but we also have a strong team.

They want to be favorites and they are happy to be, says Fossesholm.

Fossesholm has also noted that Linn Svahn, who like Karlsson was missing in Lahti, is outspoken.

- Frida and Linn can say what they want, it does not matter to me.

It's just lighter fluid and will motivate me, says Fossesholm.

Johaug has the Swedish team ready for him

Therese Johaug also agrees with the view that Sweden is the favorite in the World Cup, something she has previously been clear about saying several times.

She wants Sweden to be seen as a favorite and likes the underdog perspective.

- They are the strongest in my opinion.

They are reigning champions in the branch and we are challengers.

They have Ebba, Frida, Charlotte and Linn.

We also have a good team but they must be the big favorite, says Johaug and has thus also pointed out the Swedish team that she expects in the World Cup.

Heidi Weng drove the final distance in Lahti, which can give a clue before the World Cup, where she would like to take on Linn Svahn.

Yesterday it was Ebba Andersson who went out too far to be able to threaten.

Can you lose a sprint against Ebba Andersson?

- No, Weng states.

Sweden was second 42.9 seconds behind Norway in 4x5 km.

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Johaug's shock opening does not scare Frida Karlsson Photo: Bildbyrån