It was a joke that was about to go completely wrong.

Therese Johaug, first leg Tiril Udnes Weng and the waller Tord Hegdal agreed to play Fossesholm a prank.

- The first thing I heard when I had changed was that they said "they think we will be washed or downgraded because you went wrong in the change".

They took it quite a long way and it was close that I started laughing.

I thought "no, I have ruined for the team", says Fossesholm to NRK.

Andrastrekkans Johaug laughs when NRK covers the event.

- Poor girl.

It was Tord who suggested it and I said "we do it", says Johaug and confirms that she was the one who staged the joke.

Johaug: "Then I saw that the tears were on their way"

- I told her that "I think we will be washed".

Then I saw that the tears were on their way and then I had to say "no, no, no".

Fossesholm loves to joke and has an easy-going attitude.

She's biding her time now.

- Mark my words.

I will not forget this and there will be revenge.

Now we are done and I can start again, says Fossesholm who was obviously behind her own joke which she now had to blame for.

But you like jokes and that you joke with each other?

- Absolutely.

Whoever enters the game must endure the game, says Fosseshom.

When you look at the times on sections three and four in freestyle, Fossesholm and Ebba Andersson, who finished for Sweden, stood out.

They had 13.13 and 13.14.

Next weekend is the World Cup in Falun.

Then Frida Karlsson makes a comeback.