Alexander Bolshunov has been reported to the police in Finland.

The Russian cross-country skier went over the line on Sunday at a World Cup race in Lahti.

In the sprint for second place, Bolshunov hit competitor Joni Mäki with his ski pole.

After the finish, the 24-year-old Russian deliberately ran into his Finnish opponent.

Bolshunov - who won the final World Cup classification last year - and the Russian relay team were disqualified due to the incident and lost third place.

A report of public violence was received by the police of the Häme region.

The Finnish Ski Federation reported that the report was not made by Mäki himself.

"We are now investigating whether there is enough evidence to go to court," Tuomas Kuure told


on behalf of the police


Punishment for overt violence in Finland ranges from a fine to a two-year prison term.


Bolshunov with one move worse than the other.

First hitting Joni Mäki and then taking down the Finnish skier with an ice hockey tackle after the finish line.


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Russia's protest against Mäki rejected

Mäki was left with some injuries from the incident, but an examination in the hospital showed that the Finn has not broken anything.

He is expected to be able to participate in the World Cup in Falun next weekend.

The Russian national coach filed a complaint against Mäki because he allegedly sprinted illegally.

Ski federation FIS ruled after studying the images that this was not the case.