Ensure standing at an equal distance between all clubs

Ashour: The Hand Union will respond to the objection from Al-Ahly youth regarding the "cup"

  • From the meeting between Sharjah and Al-Ahly youth at the end of the "Emirates Cup".

    Photography: Patrick Castillo

  • Nabil Ashour: "The Union was keen to apply justice and transparency to all participating teams."


The head of the Handball Federation, Nabil Ashour, confirmed that the competition committee in the federation will respond to the protest submitted by the Al-Ahly youth club, on the decision of the federation, which spent, last Wednesday, as losing its match in front of Al Ain «0-10» in the second rounds of the final round of the championship « Emirates Cup », in a decision based on a legal mistake committed by Al-Ahly youth by registering four non-citizen players," professionals and residents, "exceeding the maximum limit that allows only three, according to the federation president.

Ashour said in a press statement, “The Handball Federation stands at an equal distance between all clubs, and that the Federation was keen to apply the principle of fairness and transparency to all teams participating in the (Emirates Cup), especially since the competition regulations were circulated to all clubs participating in the tournament, Including Al-Ahly youth, who was a party in drafting these regulations, the error committed in the Al-Ain match is borne by the team official, and it is not an arbitration error as claimed by the Al-Ahly youth protest.

He explained: “After the end of the Al-Ain and Shabab Al-Ahly match in the second round of the final round, which ended with the victory of (Dubai Knights) with a score (29-22), Al Ain submitted an official objection to the match, which required the Federation and its competitions committee to respond officially and quickly to the objection The presenter, being based on the clear regulations that all clubs have copies of, for the federation to issue its decision to regard Shabab Al-Ahly as losing that match, for committing a clear violation, confirmed by the official match disclosure, by registering the Shabab Al-Ahly team of professional and resident players, exceeding the limit stipulated in the list.

He added, “The former vice president of the federation and the current supervisor of group games at Al-Ahly Youth Club, we have all the respect and appreciation for him, especially as he gave a lot to the game. With us at the top of the game pyramid ».

And he went on: “The regulations that were applied on the ground allowed 24 players to be registered in the club lists in men's teams, 20 of whom are (citizens, passport holders and children of female citizens), two players born in the state, a resident player, and a professional player.” This is from the first category that only 3 professional and resident players are allowed to play and participate in matches.

He continued: “The list included a second category that allows the list of the team registered for the match to include the presence of three players, including a professional, a resident and who were born, and the federation allowed four junior players to be involved with the first team, given the circumstances of this age group, especially since many of them join the national service, except What applies to these players coming from the youth to support the first team is the same as for the men's teams in terms of the maximum participation of residents, newborns and professionals.

And about the possibility of the Al-Ahly Youth Club raising its protest, according to what club officials said to the Sports Arbitration Center in the country, Ashour said: “We have full confidence in the Sports Arbitration Center, and we are fully prepared, in the event that the protest is raised to the center, to implement any decision that is made in this regard. Concern ».

The Emirates Cup competition system, the first of the men's stage competitions for the 2020-2021 season, stipulated that it be held in its preliminary round with a group league system, the results of which resulted in the first-place winners of the three groups qualifying for the final round that determines the identity of the champion, who scored in his first round the victory of Sharjah. Ali Al-Ain (19-32), and he followed the victory of youth over Al-Ain (22-29), but Al Ain initiated the objection, under the pretext that the competitor violated the professional and resident registration regulations, which required the Game Federation and its competitions committee to hold an urgent meeting, last Wednesday, and issue its decision regarding Shabab Al-Ahly lost the match with a score of "0-10", which prompted the club's management to object to the decision, especially since the third and final round saw Sharjah win the championship title by goal difference, despite its loss to Shabab Al-Ahly "25-24".

• The current supervisor of group games at Shabab Al-Ahly drafted with us in the previous federation all the applicable regulations.

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