The first deal in football history with a "cryptocurrency"

The former Al Dhafra player moves in the currency of "Bitcoin" ... and a player agent: the deals are developing

  • The cryptocurrency Bitcoin enters the sports field with player transfers.

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  • Adel Al-Amiri: "Things may turn upside down if this currency spreads in the sports market."


The players' agent, Adel Al-Amiri, said that entering the cryptocurrency Bitcoin in the field of sports would change the method currently used in negotiations, and the process of transferring funds between clubs, players and agents, stressing that the door will be opened wide after the step that made the player of Al Dhafra and Real Former Madrid, Spain's David Paral, is the first player in football history to move with a cryptocurrency.

Al-Amiri confirmed to Emirates Today that the news that has been circulating, in the past two days, about the transfer of the former Al Dhafra player to Dox Internacional Madrid, one of the third-class clubs in Spain, will make the attention of those working in the field of marketing players focus more on the way to work with the cryptocurrency Study the risks and precautions.

The British newspaper "Daily Mail" reported that Paral had become the first player in football history to conclude his deal through the cryptocurrency "Bitcoin", but the newspaper warned that the way in which the fee for the deal was paid may lead to accountability by the responsible authorities.

And the players agent considered that entering the cryptocurrency in the field of sports marketing may turn things upside down, and said: “Once this news is spread, the marketing workers will have to obtain adequate information from specialists, because things may turn upside down if this currency spreads in the market. Sports".

The digital currency known as "Bitcoin" reached, on January 9th, a historical record when its value exceeded 41 thousand dollars, and the founder of this currency was Satoshi Nakamoto, whose name appeared for the first time after the idea of ​​"Bitcoin" was announced in 2009.

Adel Al-Amiri, who is considered one of the most prominent in the country in the field of players' agents, confirmed that he would personally be keen to learn more in order to educate himself about this method of concluding contracts, and said: “Deals are developing, for me I will make sure to educate myself in this aspect, perhaps because this method Many aspects may change between the player, the clubs and the agents. ”

The players 'agent pointed out that «the deal of the player David Barral will have its aftermath, because it sheds light on this digital currency, and this matter requires workers in the field of players' market to know the method that may lead the scene in the future.

Interest in the cryptocurrency has increased in the world, as investors view it as a hedge in the face of inflation, and an alternative to the depreciation of the dollar, and the demand for it has led to a rise in its prices, more than three times in the past six months.

According to Google Finance, one bitcoin is currently equal to 120.193 AED.

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