In the Ski Jumping Women's World Cup, the second individual race was held, and ace Sara Takanashi did not reach the podium in 4th place.

The second individual ski jumping women's World Cup was held on the 24th in Ljubno, Slovenia, on a normal hill with a hill size of 94 meters.

Takanashi flew 85 meters 50 for the first time and finished in 3rd place, 7.6 points behind the top.

In the second reversal, he increased the flight distance to 87 meters 50 in a tailwind that was unfavorable for jumping, and made a total of 237 points, but he dropped one place and did not reach the podium in 4th place. ..

In addition, Nozomi Maruyama was in 12th place, and Yuki Ito was disqualified for violating the ski length regulations.

The victory was the first victory in the second World Cup match with Norwegian 19-year-old Irin Maria Kubandal, who showed a 92-meter jump approaching hill size in the first time.