Pitcher Yuki Matsui, who will return to restraint in professional baseball and Rakuten for the first time in two years, released his own training in Sendai City and said, "I want to get results so that Matsui will be okay if he goes up to the mound." It was.

Pitcher Matsui turned from a reliever to a starting pitcher last season, but he has only three wins as a starting pitcher, and this season he will return to the starting pitcher for the first time in two years since he won the most saves in the Pacific League.

On the 24th, we released the state of voluntary training at the indoor practice field of Rakuten Seimei Park Miyagi, which is the base, and sweated by playing catch and running with pitcher Wataru Karashima who continued training together. ..

Pitcher Matsui is currently aiming for a form in which the force is firmly transmitted to the ball, and is correcting the habit of bending the upper body.

On this day as well, I threw about 30 balls with the catcher standing while being aware of the posture of each ball with a bullpen.

In addition, Pitcher Matsui said that he would like to focus on improving control because he received advice from former pitcher Masahiro Tanaka of Rakuten who trained with him on the intentional use of high straightness. Was there.

Pitcher Matsui, who responded to the interview online, said, "I want to get results so that Matsui will be okay if he goes up to the mound. It's been 10 years since the earthquake, so I want to deliver the victory to Tohoku and make everyone happy. I was talking.