The Swedish ladies were only seventh in the relay earlier today and even Sweden's men had a bit to the podium when the mass start over 15 kilometers was decided in Antholtz.

Sebastian Samuelsson certainly started well and shot full in the first shot.

He hung on to about ten skiers in the lead and came in to the second shooter as fifth.

But there the chances for a real top position were dashed.

Samuelsson blocked two shots and lost 19 places after his two penalty rounds.

Samuelsson shot full in the third shot but in the end another boom came and he ended up in 13th place in the last competition before the World Cup.

The race's other Swede, Martin Ponsiluoma, went fast in the track initially but missed a little too much.

The 25-year-old had a boom in every shot and finished tenth.

The great Johannes Thingnes Bö showed terrible form when he won the mass start.

The Norwegian fired 19 of 20 shots and went fast in the track.

He won 31.3 seconds ahead of Frenchman Quentin Fillon Maillet.