Alexander Bolshunov and Joni Mäki settled for second place in the men's relay in Lahti.

When Joni Mäki in the riot closed Bolshunov, the Russian lost his temper.

First he hit the opponent with the stick and after the finish he knocked over Mäki.

Russian coach Egor Sorin tells NRK that emotions took over for Bolshunov.

- Of course he was sad and went on his emotions.

The Finn changed corridor during the riot and they had contact twice.

Alexander was very angry about it because he wanted to make up in a fair way.

He was very angry, says Sorin.

"Felt like a hockey game"

The Russian team was disqualified for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Mäki says he thinks he psyched the Russian star with his skis.

- I was a little surprised because it felt like we played a hockey match out there.

I think I came under his skin when I slipped away from him on all the downhills and he looked at me all the time, Mäki tells NRK.

Mäki believes, however, that he did not want to destroy for Bolshunov.

- I thought I would take the outer track so he can not pass.

I think I chose the track in time and he tried to get past even though there was no space, says Mäki according to Yle.

Norway won the relay.

Sweden became six.

CLIP: Ebba Andersson drove Sweden to second place

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Ebba Andersson.

Photo: Bildbyrån