In the middle of the Tour de Ski, Frida Karlsson injured herself after doing chins in the hotel room.

The door frame where she hung gave way and Karlsson fell right to the floor.

She gave up the last climb of the tour as well as the World Cup competitions in Lahti.

But next weekend she will be back again when the World Cup is decided in Falun.

- The rehab has gone very well, much better than I thought.

I am very positive and ready for Falun next weekend, says Frida Karlsson in Vinterstudion.

Karlsson is in full training and hopes for good form in Falun.

- The form was good before the Tour de Ski, I do not count the races that were after the injury.

So I hope and believe in nice receipts in Falun.

Hoping for a place in the relay team

In the World Cup in Seefeld two years ago, Karlsson broke through when she won three medals.

Ahead of the World Cup in Oberstdorf, which starts in a month, her expectations of herself are different from what they were before the Seefeld World Cup.

- The expectations are quite different.

Now I come with completely different conditions.

I have experience and have ridden the World Cup, which I did not have before Seefeld.

Now I know what it's about.

In Seefeld, it was Swedish gold in the ladies' relay.

Karlsson hopes that Sweden can defend.

- I think we will have a team on the starting line that wants to defend it.

It will be tough to get into that team but the World Cup is a month away so then I hope I am in shape.