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Eredivisie · in 2 days


The second half starts at Twente-VVV and at Utrecht-Sparta.

Will we see more goals in the second act?

Feyenoord-AZ · in 2 days

It may not have the allure of a top match, but this afternoon is really another top match of this month on the program.

AZ and Feyenoord kick off at 4.45 pm in De Kuip.

Matches without you in @DeKuip: you never get used to it ...


Avatar Author Feyenoord Rotterdam Moment of places 13: 25 - 24 January 2021

FC Utrecht-Sparta Rotterdam · in 2 days


The better chances in Stadium Galgenwaard belong to FC Utrecht, but the score is still in balance: 0-0.

FC Twente-VVV-Venlo · in 2 days


With Georgios Giakoumakis (16 goals) and Danilo (11 goals) there are two players on the field who can easily find the net this season, but at half time it is still really 0-0 in Enschede.

FC Twente-VVV-Venlo · in 2 days

43 'Zerrouki makes a foul around the middle line on VVV top scorer Giakoumakis, after which the Greek shouts out.

The 22-year-old Zerrouki receives a yellow card from referee Martin van den Kerkhof.

in 2 days

FC Utrecht-Sparta Rotterdam · in 2 days

In De Galgenwaard we see the same game image as in the Grolsch Veste.

The home team is much stronger, but leaves the chances to take the lead.

For the time being, the visitors limit themselves to defending.

FC Twente-VVV-Venlo · in 2 days

Twente is lord and master in-house in the first quarter of the match.

The tukkers could have opened the score for a long time, but especially with Danilo, scoring is no longer as easy as before the winter break.

On the other hand, Giakoumakis has not yet been deployed.

FC Twente-VVV-Venlo · in 2 days

The FC Twente players gave their teammate Vaclav Carný a heart during the warm-up.

The Czech attacker suffered a serious knee injury against Ajax last week and will miss the rest of the season.

FC Utrecht-Sparta Rotterdam · in 2 days

14 'The home team is also the boss in the opening phase in Utrecht.

Kerk has to open the score when he shows up free for Okoye, but lingers too long.

FC Twente-VVV-Venlo · in 2 days

13 'The home team has firmly taken the initiative in its hands.

Narrow is the next close to a goal, but the swipe from the left back hurtles past the intersection.

in 2 days

FC Twente-VVV-Venlo · in 2 days

4 'Twente-VVV is the duel between top scorers Giakoumakis (sixteen goals) and Danilo (eleven).

The Brazilian from Twente has the first opportunity to boost his season total, but runs into Kirschbaum's legs.

FC Utrecht-Sparta Rotterdam · in 2 days

1 'Ramselaar quickly gets the first chance in Utrecht.

The occasional left winger, however, runs into Okoye's legs.

Eredivisie · in 2 days


The ball rolls at FC Twente-VVV-Venlo and FC Utrecht-Sparta Rotterdam.

These are all teams from the extensive middle bracket, so points count as good as double today.

Fortuna Sittard-Ajax · in 2 days

Difficult victory brings Ajax back three points

Thanks to an extremely difficult 1-2 victory at Fortuna Sittard, Ajax is again three points ahead of the Eredivisie.

The team from Amsterdam face a lot of opposition from the Limburgers, but are lucky to take the lead with an own goal from Sebastian Polter.

Shortly after the break, Fortuna comes to the same level via Mickaël Tirpan.

After a goal from Zakaria Labyad is rejected for hands, Sébastien Haller makes the winning goal after more than an hour.

In the final phase Ajax still misses big opportunities from the counter and Polter still gets red.

Fortuna Sittard-Ajax · in 2 days

90 + 3 '

Red card Fortuna Sittard!

Sebastian Polter's disaster week is complete.

Perhaps out of frustration, the striker puts his studs in Edson Álvarez's back of the knee.

Referee Dennis Higler initially gives yellow, but changes it after looking back to red.

Fortuna Sittard-Ajax · in 2 days

89 'The number of opportunities that Ajax is missing is really staggering.

Neres is released via Haller and Klaassen, but he does not shoot the ball enough in the corner.

Tagliafico is then too late for the rebound.

Fortuna Sittard-Ajax · in 2 days

86 'Ajax can with no less than five men in the counter after losing the ball by Fortuna, but the team from Amsterdam is certainly not playing the best match of the season and are also unable to finish it now.

The Ten Hag team makes it unnecessarily difficult for itself, but still seems to be leaving Sittard with three points.

in 2 days

FC Twente-VVV-Venlo · in 2 days


The kick-off at FC Twente-VVV-Venlo is also at 2.30 p.m.

Here are the lineups of both teams.

Newcomer Luciano Narsingh is sitting on the couch at Twente.

FC Twente:


Pleguezuelo, Dumic, Pierie, Smal;

Bosch, Ilic, Zerrouki;

Van Leeuwen, Danilo, Many.



Dekker, Gelmi, Da Graca, Guwara;

Janssen, Post, Machach;

Van Crooy, Giakoumakis, John.

Fortuna Sittard-Ajax · in 2 days

82 'Tadic gets the chance to close the game after Klaassen cleverly gets the ball to his captain.

However, the Serb does not seem to realize how much space he has and shoots wide too quickly.

FC Utrecht-Sparta Rotterdam · in 2 days


The ball will start rolling in De Galgenwaard at 2.30 pm.

These are the lineups of Utrecht and Sparta.

For the home team, acquisition Remco Balk starts on the bench.

FC Utrecht:


Ter Avest, St. Jago, Janssen, Warmerdam;

Van de Streek, Van Overeem, Maher;

Church, Dalmau, Ramselaar.

Sparta Rotterdam:


Abels, Beugelsdijk, Heylen, Meijers;

Duarte, Mijnans, Harroui, Auassar;

English, Thy.

Fortuna Sittard-Ajax · in 2 days

With a price tag of 22.5 million euros, you are expected to be there immediately, and Sébastien Haller shows that this certainly applies to him.

In his first four matches for Ajax, he is good for a goal or assist every game.

4 - Sébastien Haller is the second player to score or assist a goal in each of his first four Eredivisie games for @AFCAjax this century, after Kolbeinn Sigþórsson.



Avatar Author OptaJohan Moment of places 12:46 - January 24, 2021

Fortuna Sittard-Ajax · in 2 days

However, this goal by (the just visible) Sébastien Haller does count, so Ajax still has the lead.

However, it remains minimal, so the Amsterdammers have to be careful.

in 2 days

Fortuna Sittard-Ajax · in 2 days

Zakaria Labyad works the ball in, but does so by hand and so the goal will not count.

Fortuna Sittard-Ajax · in 2 days

66 'The players of Fortuna Sittard are angry with the arbitration, because Lisandro Semedo went to the ground shortly before Haller's goal.

However, the home team has little right to speak, because the football itself initially continued while Semedo was on the ground.

The replay also shows that there was really nothing wrong in the duel between Semedo and Gravenberch.

The VAR also comes to that conclusion and that is why this goal from Ajax simply counts.

Fortuna Sittard-Ajax · in 2 days

64 'GOAL Ajax!


There is Sébastien Haller!

The Ivorian proves himself a real striker by coming in front of his opponent at a cross by Nicolás Tagliafico and sliding the ball in.

Fortuna Sittard-Ajax · in 2 days

Mickaël Tirpan shoots the equalizer behind André Onana.

The Belgian, who came over from Kasimpasa on a rental basis this winter, scores his first goal in the service of Fortuna Sittard.

Fortuna Sittard-Ajax · in 2 days

56 '

Goal Ajax rejected!

Labyad gives the final push after a header from Haller, but does so with both his head and his hand.

The VAR sees it and instructs Higler to reject the hit.

in 2 days

Fortuna Sittard-Ajax · in 2 days

51 'Cox misses a Tagliafico cross completely and thus gives Antony a dot of a chance.

Again, the attempt is straight for the keeper and so Van Osch can bring it to the rescue.

Fortuna Sittard-Ajax · in 2 days

48 'GOAL Fortuna Sittard!


The home team comes out of half time very well and finally punishes the laconic defense of Ajax.

The fast and agile Lisandro Semedo easily turns away from Nicolás Tagliafico and lays wide in front of right back Mickaël Tirpan, who has no problems shooting the ball against the ropes.

Fortuna Sittard-Ajax · in 2 days

46 'Fortuna and Ajax have started the second half in Sittard.

Can the teams create so many opportunities again in the second half and take advantage of a few?

Fortuna Sittard-Ajax · in 2 days

Roel Janssen throws himself for a shot from Dusan Tadic.

The Serbian captain creates a lot of opportunities, but he also cannot pull the trigger for Ajax.

Fortuna Sittard-Ajax · in 2 days

Ajax made nine goal attempts in the first half, against five for Fortuna Sittard.

Many of those attempts could have been done just like that, but the keepers show that they are not bothered by the snow or the sun and are alert.

Fortuna Sittard-Ajax · in 2 days


It is a small miracle that only once was scored in Sittard halfway through, because both teams have good chances in the first half.

Ajax gets the most, but needs the help of Fortuna striker Sebastian Polter, who extends a corner into his own goal, to score.

Because the players of Fortuna and Ajax do not have their sights set and goalkeepers Yanick van Osch and André Onana are always at their post, the dressing rooms are searched with a 0-1 score.

Fortuna Sittard-Ajax · in 2 days

45 + 2 'The first half in cold Limburg is still getting a little heated.

Tagliafico knocks Tirpan over, which leads to an argument with Flemming.

Referee Higler calms things down with a yellow card for the Argentinian left back.

Fortuna Sittard-Ajax · in 2 days

41 'Tadic almost succeeds what Polter unintentionally succeeded before: scoring with the shoulder.

The captain of Ajax suddenly gets the ball against him after Haller heads through a cross from Antony, but is therefore unable to give enough power and direction.

Van Osch can easily catch.

Fortuna Sittard-Ajax · in 2 days

35 'The lack of selfishness at Tadic costs Ajax a second goal here.

The Serb tries to reach a teammate twice while he can shoot better himself.

First, Angha can head a bump in the direction of Haller, a few seconds later, both Haller and Labyad cannot reach a low cross from the Serbian.

Fortuna Sittard-Ajax · in 2 days

33 'Hansson has got the hang of it and shows himself frequently in this exciting first half.

The Swede can shoot a passed cross from Cox towards goal, but again does not hit the ball, so Onana easily saves.

Fortuna Sittard-Ajax · in 2 days

28 'The great opportunities just keep coming, but Ajax in particular is very careless with it.

Tadic puts the ball on Antony's head with a perfect cross.

The Brazilian can head in completely free, but heads the ball straight at Van Osch, who can therefore save with a reflex.

Fortuna Sittard-Ajax · in 2 days

Fortunately, the lead for Ajax comes about, but the party is no less for the team from Amsterdam.

Fortuna Sittard-Ajax · in 2 days

The unfortunate moment of Sebastian Polter on screen.

The Fortuna Sittard striker is surprised by the ball after Perr Schuurs misses him and extends Zakaria Labyad's corner with his shoulder to his own goal.

Fortuna Sittard-Ajax · in 2 days

24 'Ajax also continues to create great opportunities.

Tadic sends Angha into the forest with a flashy clearing motion, but forgets to reward herself.

The Serbian captain of the team from Amsterdam lifts the ball over the goal.

Fortuna Sittard-Ajax · in 2 days

23 'Fortuna thinks he will soon be on the same level via Hansson, but the attacker is meters offside when Flemming reaches him with a heel and so his goal is canceled.

Fortuna Sittard-Ajax · in 2 days

19 'GOAL Ajax!


It's not Sebastian Polter's week.

The German striker was partly guilty of the cup elimination against NEC on Thursday with a penalty kick caused and is now unintentionally the maker of the opening goal for Ajax.

He gets a corner from Zakaria Labyad unluckily on his shoulder because Perr Schuurs misses the ball, and to his dismay sees the ball invade the far post.

Perhaps Schuurs is somewhat relieved that he does not score against his old team, but nevertheless takes the lead with Ajax.

Fortuna Sittard-Ajax · in 2 days

18 'A quick breakout of Fortuna, which sees the fast Semedo escape Tagliafico and can go straight for the goal.

However, he shoots wide, but the home team has already had quite a few opportunities to hurt Ajax.

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