Good evening and welcome to this live blog!

We (Mitch Marinus and Jeroen van Barneveld) will keep you informed of the four games in the Eredivisie.

  • LIVE:

  • Heracles-Heerenveen


  • Results:

  • ADO-FC Emmen 0-0

  • Vitesse-FC Groningen 1-0

  • PSV-RKC 2-0

Heracles Almelo-sc Heerenveen · a few seconds ago

The biggest downer for sc Heerenveen in the first half: the loss of winter acquisition Siem de Jong.

The midfielder had to be replaced after more than half an hour.

PSV-RKC · a few seconds ago

PSV with a lot of effort past RKC

PSV wins at home with a lot of pain and effort from RKC.

The team of trainer Roger Schmidt is 2-0 too strong in-house for the number fifteen of the Eredivisie.

After RKC first hit the post and Jordan Teze took the ball off the line, PSV took the lead just before half time against the ratio by a used free kick by Eran Zahavi.

Fifteen minutes before the end, Pablo Rosario decides the game with the 2-0.

a few seconds ago

PSV-RKC · a few seconds ago

90 'Referee Danny Makkelie adds another three minutes of injury time.

Everything goes according to the rules in Eindhoven.

Heracles Almelo-sc Heerenveen · a few seconds ago


Heracles and sc Heerenveen are holding each other in their grip for the time being.

It is difficult for both teams to have chances, so it is not surprising that Heracles and Heerenveen are resting at a 0-0 score.

PSV-RKC · a few seconds ago

84 'The match in the Philips Stadium is slowly bleeding to death.

RKC seems to have resigned itself to an upcoming defeat against PSV, which simply ends the game.

PSV-RKC · a few seconds ago

Pablo Rosario scores his first Eredivisie goal of the season.

His last goal in the Eredivisie was on September 29, 2019, at PEC Zwolle (0-4).

Heracles Almelo-sc Heerenveen · a few seconds ago

33 'After 33 minutes, the game is forced to end for Siem de Jong.

The 31-year-old midfielder has indicated that he no longer feels completely fit and will be replaced by Rodney Kongolo.

a few seconds ago

PSV-RKC · a few seconds ago



There is a liberating goal for PSV against the brave RKC.

Pablo Rosario takes a low cross from Ryan Thomas directly on the slipper and surprises RKC goalkeeper Kostas Lamprou in the short corner.

This will be the final blow for the visitors.

The Waalwijk hope for the equalizer has been destroyed.

Heracles Almelo-sc Heerenveen · a few seconds ago

31 'After more than half an hour, Tibor Halilović puts his teammate Mitchell van Bergen in position, but the winger softly shoots the ball into the hands of Heracles goalkeeper Blaswich.

It is the first shot at goal in this match and hopefully that is an omen for some more fireworks in Almelo.

PSV-RKC · a few seconds ago

65 ' 

Double substitution at PSV: 

Trainer Roger Schmidt has seen enough and brings two fresh forces to his team.

Érick Gutiérrez and Ibrahim Sangaré come in for Mohamed Ihattaren and Mauro Júnior.

PSV-RKC · a few seconds ago

63 'Out of nowhere, PSV is close to 2-0.

Denzel Dumfries sprints into the depth and is tailor-made from midfield, after which Dumfries only goes to goalkeeper Kostas Lamprou.

Thanks to a sliding by RKC defender Ahmed Touba at the moment of shooting and a subsequent save by Lamprou, it remains 1-0 in Eindhoven.

PSV-RKC · a few seconds ago

With half an hour left on the clock, PSV-RKC is by no means a decision and that is a compliment for the brave RKC.

The Waalwijkers, the number fifteen of the Eredivisie, do not dig in at all, but make the PSV very difficult with smooth combinations.

Does trainer Fred Grim's team receive the remainder of the wages for work?

a few seconds ago

Heracles Almelo-sc Heerenveen · a few seconds ago

Heracles and Heerenveen do not put the most spectacular football on the mat in the opening phase.

Heerenveen did not yet have a chance, while Heracles only became dangerous through Van der Water.

PSV-RKC · a few seconds ago

58 'On the other hand, RKC is close to the equalizer.

After a smooth combination around the penalty area of ​​PSV, star Ayman Azhil again gets the ball in front of his feet and the midfielder of RKC shoots a meter wide.

PSV-RKC · a few seconds ago

57 'Denzel Dumfries gets free rein on the right flank after an interception by Pablo Rosario and that is just not what you should give the PSV captain.

This time Dumfries, already good for three hits this season, has a shot in the side net.

PSV-RKC · a few seconds ago

53 'It is pitiful what PSV also shows against RKC after the break.

Trainer Roger Schmidt has not yet hit the right note with his players.

RKC remains in the game.

Heracles Almelo-sc Heerenveen · a few seconds ago

5 'Rai Vloet seems to give Silvester van der Water a wonderful assist with a heel, but the attacker shoots wild and hard.

a few seconds ago

PSV-RKC · a few seconds ago


The ball rolls again at PSV-RKC for the second half.

The unearned lead for PSV must have been a blow to the brave away team.

Can the Waalwijkers recover from that?

Heracles Almelo-sc Heerenveen · a few seconds ago


 It's 9:00 PM.

This means that the curfew is officially in effect, but it also means that the ball is rolling in the game between Heracles and Heerenveen.

PSV-RKC · a few seconds ago

Eran Zahavi makes his fourth Eredivisie goal of the season.

It is the second goal from a direct free kick for PSV this season, only AZ also scored twice from a direct free kick this Eredivisie season.

Heracles Almelo-sc Heerenveen · a few seconds ago

The last Eredivisie game of this Saturday evening between Heracles Almelo and sc Heerenveen starts at 9 p.m.

The Frisians have not been able to win for ten league games in a row, while Heracles is in better shape with three victories in the last five games.


up Heracles:


Breukers, Quagliata, Propper, Rente;

De la Torre, Schoofs, Vloet, Ismail Azzaoui;

Van der Water, Burgzorg.

Line-up sc Heerenveen:


Floranus, Dresevic, Bochniewicz, Woudenberg;

De Jong, J. Veerman, Halilovic;

Bygren, H. Veerman, Van Bergen.

PSV-RKC · a few seconds ago

These are the statistics of the first half of PSV-RKC:


Possession: 52 percent-48 percent

Shots: 5-4

Shots on goal: 4-3

Corners: 2-3

Keeper saves: 3-3

a few seconds ago

PSV-RKC · a few seconds ago


What will RKC be up against in the dressing room.

The Waalwijkers get the best chances against PSV and hit the post, but it is the home team that leads halfway through a striking free kick by Eran Zahavi in ​​the injury time of the first half.

PSV is still in-house for the time being.

PSV-RKC · a few seconds ago

45 + 1 'GOAL PSV!


It is unbelievable but true, but against all proportions PSV takes the lead against RKC (you read that right).

Where RKC misses four opportunities, Eran Zahavi shoots a free kick from about 20 meters through the inside of the post behind RKC goalkeeper Kostas Lamprou.

This lead for PSV is very flattering.

PSV-RKC · a few seconds ago

42 'PSV may not be in the best shape on the field, but that does not detract from the fact that RKC is delivering a top performance in Eindhoven.

The Waalwijkers play cheerful and fresh football and put the home team with their backs against the wall.

Will RKC maintain this?

Vitesse-FC Groningen a few seconds ago


Vitesse wins 1-0 against Groningen and remains clear in 2021 for the time being. Richedly Bazoer is the match winner on behalf of the Vitessenaren with a goal, which was approved by the VAR afterwards.

PSV-RKC · a few seconds ago

It may be called a miracle that RKC is currently not in the lead against PSV.

In a period of five minutes, the Waalwijkers could have scored at least three times, but the post, goalkeeper Yvon Mvogo and defender Jordan Teze stood in the way of the 0-1.

RKC will probably hit its head if there may be a loss in Eindhoven tonight.

Vitesse-FC Groningen a few seconds ago

90 + 4 'Phew, he was almost there!

Goalkeeper Padt is now allowed to go to Vitesse's penalty area, but he sees that his header is cleared just in front of the goal line.

Vitesse-FC Groningen a few seconds ago

90 'There are four more minutes in Arnhem, where Sergio Padt wants to come forward for a free kick.

However, he is recalled by Danny Buijs and he sees from a distance that Groningen is not exactly dangerous.

PSV-RKC · a few seconds ago

31 'Donyell Malen has just come in and the club top scorer of PSV shows himself immediately in the Philips Stadium.

Malen dribbles, threatens and shoots and sees his shot being turned into the short corner by RKC goalkeeper Kostas Lamprou.

The game waves up and down.

PSV-RKC · a few seconds ago

29 'Again PSV can be grateful to Yvon Mvogo.

Anas Tahiri's curving free kick is graced by newcomer Thijs Oosting and Mvogo whips the ball out of his goal with his feet.

PSV-RKC · a few seconds ago

27 ' 

Post RKC! 

RKC is suddenly very close to a lead against PSV.

Ayman Azhil hits the inside of the post with a long shot.

In the after strike, Jordan Teze gets the inet of Melle Meulensteen just off the goal line.

PSV escapes a backlog.

Vitesse-FC Groningen a few seconds ago

83 'Tannane puts Matús Bero alone in front of Padt, but the Slovak just can't find it.

He shoots the ball hard against the Groningen goalkeeper.

PSV-RKC · a few seconds ago

26 'Yvon Mvogo protects PSV from falling behind.

After Mauro Júnior lost the ball, Sylla Sow broke through on the right flank and the attacker found Lennerd Daneels at the far post.

The Belgian slides in neatly, were it not for Mvogo to save.

Vitesse-FC Groningen a few seconds ago

With ten minutes left on the clock, Richedly Bazoer seems to be the match winner.

Can the visitors from Groningen in the final phase with the equalizer still prevent the Vitesse midfielder from still having such a broad smile on his face after the match?

PSV-RKC · a few seconds ago

23 'After a second chance it finally happened with Noni Madueke.

The young Englishman has to go to the side with a hamstring injury.

Donyell Malen, who was initially spared by trainer Roger Schmidt, has to show up early in Eindhoven.

Schmidt's plans are completely disrupted.

PSV-RKC · a few seconds ago

20 'PSV presses the accelerator a little deeper.

Mauro Júnior breaks through on the left flank and has to offer Noni Madueke an unmissable chance, but his withdrawn cross ends up behind the English striker, who immediately grabs his hamstring.

That doesn't look good.

PSV-RKC · a few seconds ago

PSV cannot really convince against low flyer RKC yet.

Apart from Eran Zahavi's header, the team from Eindhoven has barely fired on the goal of RKC keeper Kostas Lamprou.

That will really have to be better if PSV does not want to lose points in-house.

Vitesse-FC Groningen a few seconds ago

75 'Sergio Padt keeps FC Groningen in the match with an excellent save.

The goalkeeper, who exchanges Groningen for Ludogorets after the summer, is quickly out of his goal and sees Bazoer shoot the ball against him.

PSV-RKC one minute ago

17 'There is the first serious possibility of PSV.

Eran Zahavi heads from a corner kick by Ryan Thomas a meter wide of the goal of RKC goalkeeper Kostas Lamprou.

Will PSV lose a first warning shot?

PSV-RKC 2 minutes ago

15 'Denzel Dumfries plants his elbow hard in the face of Ayman Azhil.

The PSV captain is not doing it consciously, referee Danny Makkelie is also judging, but the pain at Azhil is no less.

PSV-RKC 9 minutes ago

8 'Ryan Thomas is the playmaker in the midfield of PSV in the absence of Mario Götze and the New Zealander shows the first glimpses of it.

He sends Eran Zahavi away with a viewed through ball, but the Israeli striker cannot reach a shot at goal from a difficult angle.

PSV-RKC 12 minutes ago

6 'RKC comes out brutally after Ryan Thomas lost the ball.

Via Thijs Oosting the ball reaches the sprinting Finn Stokkers, but his cross is not tailor-made.

RKC could have gotten more out of this.

Vitesse-FC Groningen 15 minutes ago

61 'After more than an hour of playing football, Danny Buijs' team shows a bit more guts in Arnhem.

Ahmed El Messaoudi is good for his man, but Vitesse goalkeeper Pasveer comes to the rescue.

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