Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp does not want to think about the title fight for the time being after the painful home defeat against Burnley on Thursday evening.

'The Reds', who no longer won a league match after the 0-7 victory at Crystal Palace on December 19, see the national title disappear further and further from sight.

"This defeat is a hard blow to the face and is difficult to explain," Klopp, a disappointed Anfield, told the



"I really don't have any guys on the team who let go of the reins after a 0-7 victory. They worked hard against Burnley, but to no result. We will have to try even harder."

It was already the fourth Premier League game in a row in which Liverpool did not score.

After the resounding victory at Crystal Palace, Klopp's team had a hard time against low-flyers West Bromwich Albion (1-0) and Newcastle United (0-0) and they also did not win against Southampton (1-0) and Manchester United (0 -0).

The surprising loss to Burnley - Ashley Barnes used a penalty in the final stages - marked Liverpool's first home defeat in the Premier League since April 2017. The nineteen-time national champion then remained unbeaten for 68 consecutive games at Anfield.

Jürgen Klopp calls the loss against Burnley (0-1) a hard blow in the face.

Jürgen Klopp calls the loss against Burnley (0-1) a hard blow in the face.

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'Trust is a little flower'

Klopp took responsibility for the defeat on Thursday-evening and supported his players.

"My team can handle this. I just see that the players are not bursting with confidence at the moment because of the lack of goals in the last league matches."

"There are people who ask, 'After all this success in recent years, how can you not have confidence?

But trust is like a little flower and someone has stepped on it hard for us now. We must and will grow a new flower, but it wasn't good enough against Burnley. "

The deficit of reigning champions Liverpool on leader United is now six points, while Manchester City has played four points more and one game less.

"We have now not scored four matches in a row and lost to Burnley. It would be very stupid if I were to talk about the title fight now," Klopp concluded.

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