Stina Nilsson has not offered any excellent results in her first international biathlon competitions, but the results have been 99, 69 and 48.

- I have seen how it has gone, and it is of course a challenge to change sports like that, we have not least seen that now in the biathlon races she has ridden internationally.

But regardless, I am impressed by the determination that Stina has embarked on in this career change, says length star Ebba Andersson to SVT Sport.

Did you think it would go better than it did?

- I do not really know what I would have expected, because I know how challenging it is with biathlon.

I myself ran a youth SM competition quite a few years ago.

It was so challenging that I said "Never again!"


- So it's like not "just".

But I am sure that Stina has qualities, and that she will do what she can to continue to take steps forward.