Maya Weug was the first female driver to be included in the Ferrari talent program on Friday.

The sixteen-year-old Dutchman was the strongest in the 'Girls on Track Rising Stars' competition and was rewarded with a place in the training team of the Italian Formula 1 racing stable.

Sixteen-year-old Weug, who has a Dutch father and a Belgian mother, will compete this year with the support of Ferrari in one of the Formula 4 championships of the motorsport association FIA.

"I will never forget this day", Weug exulted after her victory in the talent competition.

"I am very proud to be the first female driver to be part of Ferrari's talent program."

"For me, winning this competition is a confirmation that I made the right choice by following my dream and becoming a driver. I will give everything to show that I am worthy to wear the Ferrari kit. . "

A total of twenty young women took part in 'Girls on Track Rising Stars', which was organized by the FIA.

After a shout-out, twelve drivers remained, who were allowed to show what they had to offer at various training camps.

Of those twelve, four riders were invited to the Ferari factory in Maranello, where Weug was declared the winner.


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'This is a key moment in our training'

Ferrari is happy that Weug is coming to strengthen the talent factory.

“We are very impressed with her dedication and preparation from a physical and competitive point of view,” said Marca Matassa, Ferrari's talent program head.

"Although she has little experience with Formula cars, we saw that she was fast and that she quickly picked up the instructions we gave. From that attitude and from what she has shown both inside and outside the circuit, we can conclude that she is ready to embark on this new adventure with us. "

Mattia Binotto is also pleased with the arrival of Weug.

The Ferrari team boss speaks of "a key moment in our training".

"The arrival of Maya proves that we no longer see motorsport as something for a limited group. We want the sport to be more diverse."

At Ferrari, Weug is following in the footsteps of current driver Charles Lecerc and Mick Schumacher, the son of Formula 1 legend Michael, who will be loaned out to Haas F1 next year.

In total, nineteen drivers have been part of Ferrari's talent program, five of whom also eventually made it to Formula 1.

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