It took 370 days for Connor McGregor to return to the Octagon, who will face a Dustin Poirier

whom he already beat in 2014 in the first round


One of the first turning points in understanding what the 'Notorious' phenomenon is today.

This UFC 257 is the first stop on MGregor's roadmap for 2021, a year in which the Irishman's activity on the brava is expected to increase considerably.

The event also brings the much more mature Poirier closer to a golden opportunity to close in on

the vacant lightweight title

, in principle, following the 'pseudo-retirement' of Russian Khabib Nurmagomedov.

The natural fighter from Dagestan has already announced that he will be seen among the public on the island of the fight where the event will be played and after that, he will decide his definitive future.

"I will see all the fights in UFC 257 and if any of the stars or co-stars do something spectacular, I will fight one of them again," said

Dana White

, president of the UFC, which Nurmagomedov told him in the conversation he had with him.

Everything seems geared towards

a rematch for McGregor

for the lightweight title against the Russian.

However, 'The Diamond' is not going to want to be a luxury spectator in the 'show' of the Irishman.

Second best lightweight

It is in Poirier's hands to tear down the door and turn the division upside down.

Ranked as the second best lightweight today, he comes from defeating New Zealander

Dan Hooker

in one of the most outstanding battles of the past year.

McGregor, despite having just two fights in the last two years and

his flirtations with the boxing world

, seems willing to come back in style again.

He defeated the American Donald Cerrone in just forty seconds and ensures that he will do the same with his compatriot

'The Notorious', a virtuoso also with the microphone in hand, is absolutely convinced of his superiority.

Although he has been seen much calmer in his interventions, he continues to be McGregor.

"I like Dustin. I think he is a good fighter. He is even a great fighter. But even so, he is several levels below me. I will knock him out in 60 seconds," he warned in a statement released by the UFC itself.

With two great punchers in the cage, it looks like the contest will be decided by how much difference each can make in the foot exchange.

From Poirier's corner the evening looks more like an open-ended battle than a fight with a quick outcome.

"The plan is to beat McGregor by any means necessary.

There will be blood and guts

and I will seek to fight for the title again," warned the American in an interview for MMA Junkie and then added: "It is not about revenge. There are many things." .

McGregor considers himself superior to the American, so much so that the Irishman takes a step further and looks at Khabib.

Another phase in the germination of a second battle against the Dagestani eagle.

He pulled from the trunk of memories his showdown in 2018.

"I think he's scared to fight me and I don't blame him. I fought the best of him that night (UFC 229), he fought the worst of me that night. He knows it, I know it and his team knows it." McGregor said in an interview with ESPN.

The McGregor-Poirier 2, more than a rematch, seems to be the first piece of a domino that could define the future of the category.

Only the performance of both will specify for which side the events will be triggered.

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