He emphasized that resorting to "sports arbitration" is an option

Shabab Al-Ahly will officially object to his administrative loss in the Hand Cup

Mohamed Sharif: "The resident player, Manny Nirbati, in question, did not even participate in the match."

The supervisor of collective games at Al-Ahly Youth Club, Mohamed Sharif, confirmed that the club's management is about to submit an official objection to the Hand Union’s decision, considering the team losing 0-10 in front of Al Ain in the final round of the Emirates Cup, due to a technical error in registering the players. According to the text of the decision, he told "Emirates Today" that resorting to "sports arbitration" is one of the options put forward to restore the club's right.

Last Tuesday, Shabab Al-Ahly won 29-22, but a technical error in registering the players caused him to lose, according to the Federation’s decision, and Sharif added: “The management of the Hand Team raised the list of players to the Union, two days before the date of the match, and the team’s administrator, Sultan Hamza, before the start whistle, by asking the match observer, who confirmed the possibility of registering the four players, including the resident in the junior category, whom we did not originally participate in the match, and because of this matter we considered Al-Ittihad losers, because we involved four non-national players, instead of the permitted limit of three .

He said that the resident player, Manny Nirbati, the subject of the problem, did not originally participate in the match, and he was surprised that the team was lost in light of the observer allowing the registration of the four players.

He added: "The team will complete the championship and play its final match, next Monday, against Sharjah, and regardless of the result, we will continue legal procedures to restore our right to meet Al-Ain, because the generalized list is not clear, and any club can make such a mistake."

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