It was February 28, 2019. Stina Nilsson went out on the fourth and final leg 18.8 seconds ahead of Therese Johaug.

In the finish line was the nervous WC debutant Frida Karlsson, then 19 years old, together with Ebba Andersson and Charlotte Kalla.

- When you think back on it, it's a very nice story.

I remember when we were in the fold and you see that Therese takes on Stina all the time.

And we expected that.

The other three of us stand together and wait and wait and then they come.

And so on the last hill, Stina looks very tired, but she bites in - and then we know that it is clear when she is at the top, Frida Karlsson remembers the magical day.

For the first time ever, a Swedish women's team had won a World Cup relay.

Now Karlsson and the other Swedes go to Oberstdorf to try to defend the medal.

Ebba Andersson and Frida Karlsson must be seen as given in the team.

But who the other two will be, and who will take the last stretch, there is a lot of competition.

- Yes, God, we have so many who compete for places.

It really is not written until day form at the World Cup, I would say.

I'm not at all afraid of the last stretch, there we have many who can sprint it home.

We have Maja Dahlqvist and Jonna Sundling challenging there.

A first leg would probably also suit Linn Svahn.

Sounds like a big advantage, that you have many to choose from?

- Yes indeed.

Had we had to line up with two teams, we would have had two Swedish teams on the podium.

Is that so?

- Yes I think so!

CLIP: This is how Charlotte Kalla remembers the gold drama in Seefeld

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