The NHL states in its motivation that the players have violated the health protocol by having a close contact without a mouth guard.

Alex Ovetchkin and his Russian team-mates Yevgeny Kuznetsov, Dmitry Orlov and Ilya Samsonov have now been placed on the absence list for the health record.

It is unclear when players will be allowed to play again.

- I regret my choice to hang out with teammates in my hotel room when we had left the locker room, says the currently suspended Ovetchkin according to Reuters.

The club accepts the fine

The club says in a statement that they have worked hard to create a safe health protocol and that they are disappointed that the players met outside the permitted areas.

- We accept the NHL's decision and will once again emphasize the importance of following the covid-19 protocol in place and ensure that the players follow it in the future, the club says.

Washington's next game is the night before Saturday when they meet Buffalo.

Tuesday's match between Carolina and Nashville was postponed due to Carolina having five people on the absence list.

The team's matches are paused until at least January 23.