FIFA will not recognize the European Super League

In an official statement issued by FIFA today, FIFA confirmed that it will not recognize the European Super League, which several clubs seek to launch, indicating that players face exclusion from the World Cup if they participate in their clubs.

A statement issued by FIFA said, "Any club or player participating in this competition faces the penalty of not being allowed to participate in any tournament organized by FIFA or its confederation."

"In this context, the continental federations recognize the Club World Cup as the only club competition in the world, while FIFA recognizes that other club competitions organized by the various continental federations are the only continental competitions for clubs."

The statement came in response to what he described as "recent media speculation" about the possibility of organizing a tournament by the world's richest clubs.

And former Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu threw a time bomb last October when he revealed that his club’s board of directors had agreed to accept participation in the European Super League in the first official confirmation of the closed league project among the old continent’s top clubs.

The British newspapers had previously revealed the outlines of this tournament.

Sky Sports indicated that the negotiations for the establishment of this competition, which will compete with European Union tournaments such as the Champions League and the Europa League, are about to materialize.

She revealed that this "super" tournament is supposed to bring together the best 18 clubs in the most prominent tournaments in Europe, with playoff matches to be held at the end of each season, according to the rally system that was held last August between eight clubs in the last Champions League in Lisbon, after an outbreak novel coronavirus.

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