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A decade passed, it seemed like a century, and Spain returns to appear near the podium in a World Cup, it has not been far from 2009. The current generation walks through the skies as if they were theirs because, in reality, they were often theirs and from there He will not get off until he decides to go home, probably after the Tokyo 2021 Games. Once again, like so many before, the precise moment arrived, and the national team did everything they know to perfection, which is not little bit.

He beat Germany (32-28) with the arguments that the 2013 World Cup and the last two Europeans gave him and thus he is practically in the quarterfinals.

If they beat the amateur Uruguay and Hungary tomorrow, Spain will have the mathematical classification and will only have to worry, on the last day of the main phase, about doing whatever it takes - win or lose, whatever - to avoid France in that tie.

If there were doubts in the first games, they disappeared when they should, as in many other championships these years.

The defense was once again very tough with a ubiquitous Viran Morros;

Rodrigo Corrales


Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas

exchanged streaks under sticks, as soon as one failed, the other appeared;

he ran after each stop, after each goal kick;

and in attack, the two leaders shone, today's and tomorrow's,

Raúl Entrerríos


Álex Dujshebaev


In that couple is the history of handball in Spain: in the movements of one and the throws of the other one can recall everything that has happened since the first success, that bronze in the 1996 Atlanta Games.

Yesterday Spain only missed a few minutes, at the beginning of the second half, when the relaxation turned a favorable advantage at half-time (16-13) into a worrying disadvantage (20-23, minute 41), but then both appeared to resolve .

Three consecutive goals from Entrerríos and another two from Dujshebaev, together with the return of intensity in defense, solved the most important game of the World Cup so far.

Earlier, in the first part, they were joined by a


Dani Dujshebaev

, hope for the uncertain future to come;

and later, when the national team had already regained its superiority, it even connected with the pivots, a pending task these days.

The joy of the celebration was reminiscent of many previous parties and the troubles that had been solved in the face of a truly strange Germany.

Because the world always looks at Germany, the country that owns the Champions Final Four, the country that dominates Europe with its Bundesliga, but Germany hardly looks at the world.

And their players do not mind giving up their national team until they are orphaned.

If they are all there, they take a medal, as in the Rio 2016 Games or in the last World Cup, if several fail as happened yesterday, the team's resources are limited.

Headlines such as pivot

Hendrik Pekeler

, best player in the Final Four of the last Champions League, or

wingers Steffen Weinhold


Finn Lemke

are not in the World Cup with the coronavirus as an excuse and their teammates only have the epic.

Against Spain they hung on the arm of

Kai Hafner

and it worked for them in that start of the second half, but it was very difficult to stay like that the whole game.

In the end they despaired before the national team because although they already knew their resources, although their parents already knew their resources, they could not stop them.

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