Most recently, 1. FC Nürnberg suffered a defeat against VfL Bochum - the sixth defeat of the season.

Hannover suffered their seventh defeat of the season against FC St. Pauli on the last day of the match.

Nuremberg only recorded a single three in the past five games.

Does 1. FC Nürnberg trump again this time with home strength (3-3-2)?

Better chances are definitely given to 96 (2-1-5).

The season yield of both teams has been comparable so far, so that the teams are currently in the same table region.

Nuremberg has not been able to attest a lazy pace in the season so far.

33 Yellow cards show that the team from Franconia was not exactly squeamish when it came to action.


A look at the numbers suggests an unequal duel.

Hannover 96 is better positioned in the table than the FCN and is currently extremely in shape.

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