Arkadiusz Milik must engage with Olympique de Marseille.


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  • Arkadiusz Milik arrived in Marseille this Thursday to undergo his medical examination and sign at Olympique de Marseille.

  • The former Napoli striker is coming in the form of a loan with a compulsory purchase option.

  • A breakthrough for OM supporters, while the club is going through a crisis of results.

He is almost expected as the messiah.

Arkadiusz Milik landed this Thursday at noon in Marignane (Bouches-du-Rhône), before going through his medical examination in view of his signing at the Olympique de Marseille.

The player took off from Napoli on Thursday morning, having worked out final details with his former club Napoli late Wednesday evening.

OM supporters were present from Thursday morning at the airport in the hope of taking a snapshot with the new striker of their club.

But Alexandre Neyton, OM's security manager, categorically refused to take pictures of the Pole on his arrival.

"You don't need four chances to score"

A proof of the importance of the arrival of Arkadiusz Milik for the supporters, and of the climate of tension which reigns at OM, after the defeats against Nîmes (2-1), Saturday, and against Lens (1-0 ), Wednesday.

All the supporters have also hoped that the striker, who will celebrate his 27 years in February, has not seen these two games.

“His signature is a small smile in all this mess.

There are some who wonder what he will do in this wooden team, but if you waited until the end of the season he would have gone elsewhere.

He is not the one who will save you but he can create a psychological trigger.

A player like that is unexpected for OM, ”relishes Najet Rami, OM supporter and Serie A follower.

She had the opportunity to see him evolve several times when he was in Naples, at the time when he was still aligned.

“He tends to get injured a lot but he's a real number 9. For me he's better than a Balotelli, he's more complete.

He's a smart player who doesn't need four chances to score when he's confident.

And he's even good on set pieces, ”she describes.

Not yet the "big striker"

Mathias, member of a French site on Napoli, tempers: “He's a good player, honestly he didn't have any chances with us, he was often injured.

I don't think he's the "big striker" Marseille are waiting for, but he has a very good left paw.

It will depend a lot on how Marseille intend to use it, for me they have to play with someone in a 3-5-2 for example more than in a 4-3-3.

He was not alone in attack during his best season with Napoli ”.

For Najet Rami, signing Milik remains above all a good deal.

“We must remember that we are nothing on a European scale.

This year is a hassle, and it will be the worksite this summer so it is a good thing to have already settled the issue of 9 which has dragged on for years, ”she considers.

And according to several media, Arkadiusz Milik even refused English and Spanish clubs to sign for OM.

But his situation in Naples was becoming untenable.

He has not played a single minute since the start of the season, faced with the resentment of President De Laurentis after the mutiny of some Napoli players who refused a greening at the time of Ancelotti.

“I'm relieved he's leaving, if it wasn't for this winter he would have gone free this summer.

I thought he would stay until the end of the season to piss off, but the pressure from the Polish Fed to play before the Euro has visibly convinced him, ”Mathias says.

Playing time, he could have some on Saturday for OM's trip to Monaco, if he qualifies on time.


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