A report from the international football association Fifa shows that the number of transfers in women's football has increased by 23.6 percent.

In 2019, the number of transfers was 837, while the figure for 2020 amounts to 1,035.

- It does not surprise me that this is the case, based on the interest in women's football and the investments that the European leagues make.

This means more mobility among players, says Tomas Hoszek, general secretary of Elite Football Women, to SVT Sport.

Still modest levels

In the report, Fifa writes that it is proof that women's football is moving towards becoming more and more professional.

Tomas Hoszek agrees.

- Yes, absolutely so.

Then there are very modest levels if you compare with men's football and the transfers and sums that are handled there.

But it is still a clear sign that women's football is on the rise.

What we experience in Sweden with greater interest is contagious globally as well.

How important is this for women's football?

- It is clear that it is important for the players that things happen and that the value increases.

Especially for women, to have an opportunity to live up to their dreams of becoming a professional football player.

Can also threaten

Hoszek adds that the development with more transfers may lead to Sweden losing talent abroad at an early stage. 

- There is not the same regrowth in women's football in Europe, it has not been established at grassroots level, which is required to produce good players.

But it has become so in Sweden, among other places, so that it is clear that Sweden is in the spotlight when it comes to talent development.