When Stina Nilsson made her debut in the IBU Cup last week, it was a 99th place, followed by a 69th place.

Today, when 15 km with individual start was on the program, it was another fall forward.

The former length star accounted for two flawless shooters, but was noted for three and two booms on the other two shots, respectively, and finished in 48th place, almost four and a half minutes behind the victorious Tamara Steiner, Austria.

Better driving time today

A fall forward can also be noted regarding the pace out in the track.

After last week's slow ride, where Nilsson had the worst and third worst ride time of the Swedes, today had the third best ride time of five five Swedes and 15th ride time in total.

The winner of the competition was Austria's Tamara Steiner.

Best Swedish was Anna Magnusson in fourth place.

Magnusson had a boom and was 40.8 seconds behind Steiner.