Leksand has a thin squad that has suffered injuries to key players and has had a season of setbacks.

But thanks to 4-1 against line competitor AIK this weekend, the team still has the chance to reach the playoffs.

But to poke AIK from the eighth and last playoff spot, ninth Leksand should win against visiting SDE, in this week's SVT match.

- Leksand has a straw and I think they can take it, says Chris Härenstam.

If Leksand is to succeed, it is required that the profiles Wilma Johansson and Kajsa Armborg have a good offensive night.

- They are worth seeing and enormously important for the team.

SDE from Danderyd is seventh in the table and has had a better season than Leksand.

They come to Dalarna with one of the league's best goalkeepers, the Canadian Lindsey Post, who was voted as an ai in the league last season.

- SDE has had a great season, especially defensively.

Possibly they have had some problems in the future, says Härenstam.

What kind of match are you expecting


- It will be goal-oriented, but certainly worth seeing.

And should I bet, I think Leksand will take the straw and win.

Leksand-SDE is played on Wednesday night, starting at 7.30 pm, and is broadcast on SVT 24.