Xi Jinping Winter Olympics丨First stop at the Capital Gymnasium

  The Capital Gymnasium is one of the important venues for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

On the morning of January 18, General Secretary Xi Jinping, who was inspecting the preparations for the Winter Olympics and Paralympics in Beijing, made his first stop to the Capital Gymnasium in Haidian District, Beijing, to learn about the construction of sports venues and athletes' preparations for competition.

  The Capital Gymnasium, originally built in 1968, is the first artificial indoor ice rink in China and has witnessed many important events in Chinese sports.

It was used as an important venue for volleyball matches during the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.

The 53-year-old stadium will once again change its status to undertake

short-track speed skating


figure skating


One year later,

14 gold medals for


Winter Olympics

will be produced here.

  In order to meet the training needs of short track speed skating and figure skating competitions in the Winter Olympics, the Capital Gymnasium has undergone a large-scale reconstruction and expansion, adhering to the concept of "repairing the old as the old", and fully inheriting and utilizing the facilities of the existing venues. Ten thousand square meters.

  The venue uses the latest sound and light technology.

36 grid films are suspended through the aluminum alloy frame structure on the top, forming a

huge projection screen of

1332 square meters

, creating the "most beautiful ice".

For the first time, an advanced

carbon dioxide transcritical direct cooling new environmentally friendly ice-making technology is

adopted to

achieve precise control of the ice surface temperature.

  △Figure skating and short track speed skating have different requirements for the temperature and hardness of the ice surface. The ice-making function added in the hall can ensure that the ice surface change is completed quickly within two hours.

  On December 25, 2020, the reconstruction and expansion project of the Capital Gymnasium was officially completed.

This transformation has added new vitality to this Olympic heritage.

After the game, it will continue to be used as a venue for sports and cultural activities, and will continue to play a role in national fitness and promotion of ice and snow sports.

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