Screenshot of the FIFA website. client, January 19, according to the FIFA website, Auckland City Football Club notified FIFA recently that due to the strict local epidemic prevention measures in New Zealand, the club will not be able to participate in the World Club scheduled for next month in Doha, Qatar. Cup match.

This also means that Lehvia's match against Oakland City in the first round of the Club World Cup is cancelled, and Lehvia will advance directly.

  Previously, 6 teams have been identified in this World Club Cup, namely the host Du Hailer, the Champions League champion Bayern, the AFC champion Ulsan Hyundai, the Oceania champion Oakland City, the African champion Cairo Nationals, the Central and North American champion Nuevo Leon Autonomous University Tigers , Only the South American Libertadores Cup champion team has not yet produced.

  FIFA stated in a statement that although FIFA has maintained close contact with the Auckland City team, the New Zealand Football Association, and Oceania Football Confederation for some time in the past, the New Zealand authorities’ requirements for isolation and epidemic prevention have exceeded international standards. The control of the Football Association.

Club World Cup schedule.

  After Oakland City withdrew, FIFA also updated the Club World Cup schedule.

According to the original plan, the Oakland City team will face the host Lehvia on February 1, and the winner will advance to the quarter-finals.

But after the Oakland City team withdrew, Lehvia will advance directly to the second round.

FIFA is scheduled to draw a lottery on January 19 to determine the situation of the second round.

  Except for the cancellation of this game, the time and location of other games remain unchanged. The World Club Cup final is scheduled for February 12th, Beijing time.