Every day, Anicet Mbida makes us discover an innovation that could well change the way we consume.

This Tuesday, he is interested in the arrival of biodegradable computers.

Manufacturers are starting to offer computers whose shell and keyboard are no longer made of plastic, but of compostable biodegradable materials.

The innovation of the day is the arrival of biodegradable computers.

Most of their components can be composted, the others will be reusable.

It was time !

You should know that electronic waste broke records last year.

In Europe, it is the source of waste that is growing the most.

But only 40% is recycled.

So it's good news that manufacturers are starting to offer computers whose shell and keyboard are no longer plastic, but biodegradable, compostable materials.

There remains the problem of internal electronics and connectors.

The solution: install them so that they can be easily taken apart and reused.

This helps your computer improve over time.

And above all to repair it more easily than today's devices where everything is stuck and on which everything must be changed.

Is this a first effect of the repairability index (mandatory since the beginning of the month)?

It is possible, although most of the electronics manufacturers are multinationals.

And that France is one of the first countries (along with Austria) to legislate in this area.

Suddenly, this gives the opportunity to small manufacturers, wanting to be exemplary, to put themselves in the spotlight.

We think, for example, of Pentaform for computers or Fairphone for telephones.

And what are the giants of the market doing?

There are starting to be some initiatives such as the use of recycled materials on laptops (at Apple and HP) or on remote controls (Samsung).

But we are still far from biodegradable and 100% repairable.

The main trend is rather to take ecology as a pretext to remove the loader from the boxes.

Apple started with the iPhone 12. Today everyone follows.

But it is more to save money than to protect the planet.