On January 6, Washington's Capitol was stormed by supporters of Donald Trump.

The next day, Annika Sörenstam was invited to the White House.

The golf legend received the president's freedom medal.

It is the highest award available as a civilian in the United States.

She received the medal for her efforts as an ambassador for golf.

Sörenstam was really criticized for choosing to go to the White House and receive the medal.

Should have received the medal in March 2020

Now she breaks the silence.

- I am not the one who looks back on things, and regrets it.

I would have received the medal in March 2020. I do not want to put energy into what has happened, I want to put energy into the future.

I am a person who constantly looks ahead and continues to open doors and create opportunities for young girls around the world, Sörenstam tells NBC.

- I share the sadness and fear that everyone feels after what happened at the Capitol.

It was a dark day in US history.