Joly ended up in a hospital in France and had her fingers bandaged.

- I felt my fingers from the start in the race, and when I had driven 50 km (out of 60) I had a headache.

I started vomiting and eventually had to break, he says to NRK.

He has received gloomy messages for the future.

- The doctors here say that I will not be able to ski more this year, he says after the doctors discovered the third degree frostbite on four fingers, which is the second most serious grading and can cause permanent tissue damage.

"Exposed us to danger"

Like Johansson Norgren, he is critical of the fact that the start of the race was not postponed from 08.30 so that it could get a little warmer.

- There are three of us in my team who are in hospital now.

I think the jury's decision to have the race conducted in this way was wrong.

They put all of us athletes in danger, says Joly.

The Ski Classics manager, the Swede David Nilsson, regrets the damage that occurred but says that the temperature was measured at -13, -17 and -22 in three different places along the course and that the cold limit is -25.

He says he does not know of temperatures of -28 degrees.

- From that perspective, the rules are clear and I think the jury made a correct decision based on that.

It is also important that the skiers adapt to the conditions.

The stables that were well prepared also did well, says Nilsson.

"This is our profession"

The skiers who froze have received comments on social media that they could have ironed themselves.

Norwegian Petter Skinstad talks about the pain of standing up.

- I read that people write that it is voluntary to participate and such.

But this is our profession.

Only nine Ski Classics are arranged this winter, and they are all counted in the summary, so it's not just about not showing up at work, says Skinstad.

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