Already in sporting difficulty, the American Magic challenge had a spectacular incident when it capsized on Saturday in Auckland, on the third day of the Prada Cup, which must designate the official challenger of Team New Zealand, the defending champion, during the Coup of America.

The vagaries of the weather in Auckland caused a tragedy on Sunday, on the third day of the Prada Cup, when the American challenge, American Magic, capsized while he was in search of his first victory in these regattas.

Then ahead of Luna Rossa, the American boat overturned before crossing the finish line, throwing its crew into the water.

American Magic, America's entry in the Americas Cup as a metaphor for America

- Chris Doyon (@ nilbog3000) January 17, 2021

All crew members are unharmed, but the multi-million dollar yacht appeared to be badly damaged and flotation devices were needed to prevent it from sinking.

Three contenders for a challenger place

The three American, Italian and British contenders began on Friday six weeks of rounds in the water under the New Zealand summer sun.

The winner of these regattas will win the right to challenge Emirates Team New Zealand from March 6 to 21, the defender of the America's Cup.

As the wind continued to test the skippers, the still unbeaten British INEOS Team UK needed two attempts to beat Italian challenge Luna Rossa, with the first regatta being called off after that the strong breeze has changed direction beyond the allowable limit.

With four victories on the clock, INEOS Team UK is still leading these regattas, ahead of Luna Rossa, two wins and American Magic, who has yet to score any points.