Keita Watanabe, 28, won the all-Japan championship for skating and short track speed skating in Nagano prefecture for the third time in a row.

The Short Track All Japan Championship was held in Minamimaki Village, Nagano Prefecture on the 16th and 17th for two days.

On the final day, the 17th, 1000m and 3000m races were held for both men and women, and Watanabe, who won the 1500m on the first day of the PyeongChang Olympics, won the championship at 1000m, and finished second at 3000m. He won the third overall victory in two consecutive tournaments.

Watanabe said, "I'm really happy to be honest. At the end of 1000 meters, I was competing, but at the end I thought it was a feeling. I felt that there was no future unless I played an active part in this tournament, so this experience will be a source of food." I was talking.

As for the girls, Yamanashi Gakuin University's 21-year-old Rina Yamana won the overall victory for the first time after winning 1500 meters on the 16th and 1000 meters on the 17th.

Yamana said, "I was able to race with confidence without breaking the good flow yesterday. I was nervous about 1000 meters today, but I was able to do my own race. I am happy to finish with the overall victory." Was there.