In the end, however, there was a narrow success on paper.

A penalty from Erik Thommy gave Stuttgart the opening goal.

The Swabians led at halftime by just one goal.

Andre Barbosa da Silva from SC replaced his team-mate Noah Raphael Weißhaupt to change sides.

Emilio Kehrer was responsible for the first goal of the Breisgauers, who made it 1-1 in the 80th minute.

A late goal from Nishan Connell Burkart, who was successful in the closing stages (90th), gave the guest the lead.

In the end, SC Freiburg II got a three against VfB II.

VfB Stuttgart II climbed to tenth place in the table after this game.

The home team currently has six wins, four draws and six defeats.

The situation near Stuttgart remains tense.

Against Freiburg they already suffered their second defeat in a row.


The SC has a promotion relegation place with 33 points.

High entertainment value has always been ensured in the previous games of SC Freiburg II, because no one in the Regionalliga Südwest has scored more goals than Freiburg (40).

The SC continues to collect successes, the number of which now adds up to ten.

In the balance sheet there are three draws and three defeats.

The five-game trend at SC Freiburg II is a bit modest.

Freiburg only got seven points.

Next Tuesday, VfB II will face FC Bayern Alzenau, while SC will play against TSV Schott Mainz on the same day.

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