It was the sixth minute of stoppage time when the ball flew one last time into the Mönchengladbach penalty area.

Borussia deservedly led 2-1 against Stuttgart, the victory seemed already to have come in.

One action was still to be defended, but in the end Marco Rose's team had no chance to save the victory over the finish line.

And that was “because of two or three people who decided the game.

Hopefully they will know that themselves ”, as Mönchengladbach's Jonas Hofmann stated in a subsequent interview with Sky.

VfB striker Sasa Kalajdzic stumbled over the feet of teammate Waldemar Anton while walking backwards in Gladbach's sixteen, leaned into opponent Ramy Bensebaini, and went down.

Referee Felix Brych initially allowed the game to continue, but then received a tip from video assistant Bibiana Steinhaus - and, according to the pictures, decided on a penalty, which Silas Wamangituka converted to 2-2.


“He has both arms around him and pulls him down too,” said Stuttgart coach Pellegrino Matarazzo, assessing the decisive scene: “If he leaves his hands off, nothing happens.

But I can understand the resentment of the Mönchengladbacher. ”And understandably it was big.

“It's absolutely cheeky,” complained midfielder Jonas Hofmann, “I've never seen anything like it.

The video referee is real ... amazing!

The striker runs backwards.

Embolo has such a scene in play 50 times that the opponent's arms are around his body.

And there is never a whistle.

And then to get the hint in the situation that it is a clearly wrong decision?

That's what it's all about, ”said Hofmann, puffed through briefly and renewed his criticism.

Brych's criticism of Bibiana Steinhaus

The Gladbachers' accusation was unmistakable.

Even if one wanted to discuss the question of whether the three-way fight in the penalty area was a penalty, the question of a clear wrong decision by Brych was quickly answered.

This was simply not there and the video assistant Steinhaus had no basis for intervention.


“You can be smarter,” said Rose in the direction of his defender, “but if you look at the scene from different angles, you can see that Anton is causing Kalajdzic to stumble and that he is falling for Bensebaini.

I wonder why Cologne is being added to this?

The referee hadn't whistled a penalty at all. "

He was right.

And it is possible that Brych had not been provided with the necessary images to recognize that the Stuttgart-based company had ultimately overran each other.

An assumption that Brych refuted himself after the final whistle and admitted a mistake: "I only saw the hands in the game, and it felt a bit too little for me," he said, describing his perception on the pitch.

However, he did not recognize the contact on the ground when studying the pictures and Steinhaus did not point it out either, as he revealed: “I only saw that after a time lag.

It's a complex scene because there are two contacts.

One in the chest area and another on the floor.

Unfortunately, this has remained hidden from us.

Stuttgart can be happy with the penalty. "


When asked about the intervention of the VAR, Brych pointed out that he had not given the penalty in the game and at least "doubts" about the legality of the intervention were allowed.

And this sentence can also be interpreted as a criticism of Bibiana Steinhaus's performance: "My feeling was very good on the pitch."

Christoph Kramer became clearer: “Is that the penalty situation?

He was whistled for that? ", Mönchengladbach's midfielder asked in horror at the first view of the pictures:" That's not even a foul in midfield.

I'm a big fan of watching contentious scenes.

But if you look at the scene, you can never, ever guess that this is a clear wrong decision.

Everyone who has watched a lot of football and everyone who has ever played football ... "he said and shook his head:" Giving penalties for this is actually not possible. "