Ligue 2, day 20: USL Dunkirk leaves the Gabriel-Montpied stadium with a crushing victory for Clermont Foot -

20 Minutes

Clermont Foot received USL Dunkirk for the resumption of Ligue 1, after the truce, at the Gabriel-Montpied stadium.

USL Dunkirk lost heavily 5-0 to Clermont Foot.

By scoring a hat-trick, Bayo performed well.

In addition to the latter, we will also note the big game of Jim Allevinah, who marked the meeting with his assist and his goal.

Gastien's squad played a balanced 4-2-3-1, with Bayo leading the way against Mercadal's 5-3-2 defensive Dunkirk.

In the 28th, on a pass from Jim Allevinah, the Clermontois released the counter thanks to Dossou.

Then, Gastien's men reinforced their lead thanks to a goal from Jim Allevinah, on a service from Berthomier, in the 46th.

The scoreboard therefore indicated 2-0 when the referee whistled the end of the first period of play. In the wake, in the 46th, Bayo found the goalkeeper's net, scoring the third goal of the match.

In good form, he scored again in the 56th and then in the 59th.

No card was needed for this match.

Clermont Foot's victory in this last match won him a place, allowing him to overtake Auxerre.

The club is now in 3rd position.

This defeat brought USL Dunkirk down to 15th position, behind Guingamp.

Clermont Foot and USL Dunkerque: the next matches

For its next match, Clermont Foot will face Auxerre at the Gabriel-Montpied stadium on January 23 at 3 p.m. for the next day.

For its part, USL Dunkirk will meet AC Ajaccio the same day at 7 p.m., in Marcel-Tribut.

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The meeting in brief

Clermont Foot - USL Dunkerque: 5-0 (2-0 at half-time)

In Clermont-Ferrand (Gabriel-Montpied stadium), January 16, kick-off at 7 p.m.

USL Dunkirk coach: Fabien Mercadal

Composition of USL Dunkirk: Axel Maraval (30), Thiam Demba (28) (then Thomas Vannoye in the 35th), Harouna Sy (17), Alioune Ba (15), Loic Kouagba (3), Emeric Dudouit (2) , Redouane Kerrouche (24) (then Leverton Pierre in the 74th), Randi Goteni (22), Ilan Kebbal (20) (then Guillaume Bosca in the 60th), Cheick Fantamady Diarra (29) (then Thibault Vialla in the 74th), Malik Tchokounté (18) (then Dimitri Boudaud in the 60th)

Clermont Foot coach: Pascal Gastien

Composition of Clermont Foot: Arthur Desmas (1), Florent Ogier (21), Akim Zedadka (20) (then Lorenzo Rajot in the 61st), Vital N'Simba (12) (then Driss Trichard in the 77th), Cédric Hountondji ( 4), Johan Gastien (25), Jodel Dossou (24) (then Sofyan Chader in the 66th), Yohann Magnin (7), Jason Berthomier (6), Mohamed Bayo (27) (then Jordan Tell in the 66th), Jim Emilien Ngowet Allevinah (11) (then Jonathan Iglesias in the 77th)

Goals: Dossou (28th), Jim Allevinah (46th), Bayo (46th), Bayo (56th), Bayo (59th)

No warnings distributed

No player sent off

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