At the All Japan Table Tennis Championships held in Osaka City, players who have been appointed as representatives of the Tokyo Olympics, such as Mima Ito and Tomokazu Harimoto, appeared on the 15th and each broke through the fourth round of the first round. ..

On the 15th, the 5th day of the All Japan Championship, the 4th round of men's and women's singles was held, and seed players such as the unofficial candidates of the Tokyo Olympics reached the first match.

Of these, Ito, who is the top Japanese player in the women's singles and ranked 3rd in the world ranking, played against a 23-year-old member of society.

Ito took the initiative in the first game, Serve and Receive, which has a variety of characteristics, and took the initiative 11-3.

After the second game, he showed a stable match, and made a good start toward the victory for the first time in two years with a straight victory with a game count of 4-0.

Kasumi Ishikawa and Miu Hirano, who have been nominated to represent the Olympics along with Ito, and Hina Hayata, who are aiming for the second straight victory, also broke through the first match.

In the men's singles, 17-year-old Harimoto, who is aiming to win the championship for the first time in three years, played against a 19-year-old first-year college player.

Harimoto accumulated points with a high-speed backhand, which he is good at hitting back at a fast timing, and took three games in a row.

I dropped the 4th game, but in the 5th game, I took 11 to 9 by returning the opponent's bang with a powerful shot and won with a game count of 4 to 1.

Koki Niwa, who has been appointed as the representative of the Tokyo Olympics along with Harimoto, also won 4 to 1.

On the other hand, Yukiya Uda, who won the championship last year, lost 3-4 at the end of the full game and was eliminated in the first match.