It was on February 27, 2019 that Max Hauke's skiing career came to an abrupt end, when Austrian police stormed into an apartment in Seefeld and took Hauke ​​on a bare doping act, with a cannula in his arm just hours before the World Cup of 15 kilometers.

- It was the worst second of my life, says Max Hauke ​​to Expressen about the event that marked the end of his skiing career.

Cross-country skiing is an extreme occupation, and the 21st century has meant a distasteful soup of prepared ski blood.

At the Olympics in Sochi in 2014, the Austrian Johannes Dürr got stuck for epo, and it became a starting point for teammate Max Hauke, who now apologizes that he had the feeling that doping is needed for success.

- I was good at the junior WC, I had talent.

And at that time we used to say about someone who succeeded: "what has he eaten for breakfast".

Then my teammate got stuck in Sochi, and I made the mistake of my life in thinking that it is only possible to be at the top with doping, says Max Hauke ​​to Expressen.

SVT Sport explains: What is micro-doping


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What is microdoping?