Every day, Anicet Mbida makes us discover an innovation that could well change the way we consume.

This Friday, he is interested in an invention very useful in this time of health crisis.

The startup Livingpackets has created a smart delivery box.

The innovation of the day is a smart delivery box.

You can track it on a map, monitor its content with a camera.

It even has a loudspeaker to broadcast messages.

When you open it, he will be able to sing "happy birthday" to you or broadcast a word from the sender "pleasure to offer, joy to receive". 

It sounds gimmicky, but it's very serious.

It is, above all, a secure, ultra resistant and reusable packaging which must fight against electronic commerce waste.

We all experienced it at Christmas or during confinement, with all these packaging boxes that accumulate in the trash cans.

Advantage of this box: it can be reused thousands of times.

It has a screen like that of electronic e-readers, so there is no more label to stick.

There is also a whole series of opening, shock, temperature sensors and even a camera to monitor the inside of the package at any time.

Compared to a cardboard box, it must be overpriced.

In absolute terms, yes.

But in the long run, it should be cheaper than cardboard boxes.

Because we save on delivery with tracking and insurance, since we know where and when the package was damaged, lost or stolen.

And again, the box is reusable, for example for returns.

There will no longer be a need to find a new box or print a label.

This is a French technology from the startup Livingpackets.

For a while, the project was rather nebulous.

Today, it is becoming very concrete since the boxes are finally available and the Boulanger brand will begin to test them.

The problem of returning boxes remains to be resolved.

For now, they are on record.

It will therefore be necessary to travel to bring them back.

But we may be dealing with the future of delivery packages.