Do you feel the same way?

The Christmas season was wonderful, we were wonderfully busy with baking cookies, decorating the Christmas tree and all that.

Then the turn of the year was just around the corner and people were looking forward to 2021.

And then?

The Christmas feeling has crumbled into a corner of our heart and is patiently waiting there for next December.

Suddenly there is where there was jewelry and glowing lights just shone emptiness.

Everything seems sad and gloomy.

January is also not exactly one of the months with the most hours of sunshine.

Of course the bright days will come again, but they still seem so far away.

What can we do to bridge this drought?

How can we still bring the missing warmth and the abstinent light from outside into our hearts and minds?

With yoga.

For this purpose I have developed a small sunrise sequence that you can of course practice at any time of the day.