There were great hopes for Stina Nilsson before today's international debut in the competitions in Arber, Germany.

Before the debut, Stina Nilsson had nobbed the media to put all the focus on the competitions.

But when she spoke to SVT Sport this weekend, she was expectant.

- I have had more and more time in these clothes and done many good workouts and solved many good situations in training that I also want to face in competition.

It feels good.

But hopes were quickly dashed.

Instead, the competition developed into a nightmare. 

A boom in the horizontal shooter was approved.

However, the ride time was not what many had hoped for.

16 seconds behind the leader on the first lap and a total of 48 seconds behind with the shooter included.

54th best ride

Once at the standing shot, there were four booms and penalty rounds.

Once in the finish, Stina was a full 3.48 behind the winner Tajana Akimova and just over three minutes behind the best Swedish Ella Halvarsson in eighth place.

Overall, Stina had the 54th best ride time - which was the worst of the Swedes.

- That she would shoot five booms was more expected than that she would have the 54th best ride time, says SVT's expert Björn Ferry after the competition.

CLIP: See how Stina Nilsson will fix the shooter

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See how Stina Nilsson will fix the shooter