Mima Ito, who is aiming to win the women's singles of the table tennis all-Japan championship held in Osaka City for the first time in two years, responded to an interview before the first match on the 15th, saying, "One match in front of me I want to do my best, "he said with enthusiasm.

The All Japan Championship, which started on the 11th of this month, will be the 4th round of men's and women's singles on the 15th, and Seed will be the first match.

Among the seed players, Ito, who has been appointed as the representative of the Tokyo Olympics, is ranked 3rd in the world ranking of the top Japanese players, and aims to win the women's singles for the first time in 2 years.

Ito, who was interviewed at the venue before the first match, said that he had strengthened for the tournament, "My characteristics are Serve and Receive, but I lost to Chinese players in the rally in overseas games. Serve and Receive Most importantly, I've gained the confidence that it's okay to be taken to the rally. In addition to my own play, I want to put out what I've been practicing. "

On top of that, "I didn't know if it would be held until a week ago, but I've been practicing because I believed it was there, so I'm happy that it was held. The goal is, of course, to win, but in each match in front of me. I want you to see how you are enjoying yourself with all your strength. By doing so, I think you will be closer to winning the championship, "he said with enthusiasm.

The All Japan Table Tennis Championships will be held until the 17th of this month.