Teun Koopmeiners made one of the best goals in this Eredivisie season on Wednesday by lobbing the ball after a corner kick over PSV goalkeeper Yvon Mvogo.

According to AZ's top scorer, it was not a fluke.

"It is certainly no coincidence that we score from a resumption of the game", Koopmeiners said after AZ's 1-3 victory in Eindhoven.

"We always analyze how the opponent is on corners and free kicks and we anticipate that. We really see it as an opportunity and train a lot on it."

With a corner kick from Jesper Karlsson, Koopmeiners ran to the first post.

He took the half-high cross with a lot of feeling.

With a nice arc, the ball fell over PSV goalkeeper Mvogo into the goal.

"I have to admit that it also takes some luck," said Koopmeiners.

"My intention was to get the ball on goal. That it falls in so nicely, there is some luck involved."

Koopmeiners' heel goal was no coincidence, as is clear from last season's match between PSV and AZ (0-4).

Dani de Wit then also scored with a heel at the first post from a half-high corner, although that goal was slightly less beautiful than that of Koopmeiners.

"Whether this was the best goal of my career? I think he will come close, yes," said Koopmeiners, who made no fewer than eleven goals in sixteen Eredivisie matches this season.

PSV goalkeeper Yvon Mvogo is beaten by Teun Koopmeiners' beautiful heel.

(Photo: Pro Shots)

Max: 'It was an extraordinary goal'

Koopmeiners trumped PSV defender Philipp Max with his wonderful goal.

The Germany international was disappointed that he came too late to avoid the hit.

"We do zone coverage in standard situations. I saw Koopmeiners walk forward and went with him, but unfortunately I was one step too late", said Max, who scored PSV's goal.

"I didn't feel like I gave him too much space. It was just an extraordinary goal. But of course I hate that I couldn't block the ball."

Position at the top of the Eredivisie

  • 1. Ajax 15-35 (+42)

  • 2. Feyenoord 16-35 (+20)

  • 3. Vitesse 16-35 (+15)

  • 4. PSV 16-34 (+20)

  • 5. AZ 16-31 (+15)

'One week you're gone, a week later you're in again'

With the victory in the top match, AZ is again fully participating in the battle for the top places.

After Saturday's 1-1 draw against PEC Zwolle, the Alkmaarders seemed to drop out in the title fight.

Koopmeiners did not want to say too much about AZ's title ambitions after the victory in Eindhoven.

"I knew this question was going to come up. If you lose points one week, everyone says you're gone. And if you win a week later, you suddenly participate again."

"That's how it goes with us this season. But we as a group of players just look at it from match to match. We know what we want as a team and that is at the top. I'm just very happy that we took a step in the right direction today. . "

AZ still has a very tough program in January with matches against ADO Den Haag (home), Ajax (home, cup), Feyenoord (away), FC Utrecht (home) and again Ajax (home, league).


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