The Dakar Rally experienced a unique scene this Thursday that ended with a co-driver abandoned in the middle of an eleventh stage and a pilot who had to continue alone.

Xavier Blanco denounced that his teammate Ricardo Ramilo, from the SSV category, left him lying in the middle of the test after a heated argument and had to be rescued by Buggy Master Team personnel.

"I got out of the car and he told me you'll stay there and he's gone, and therefore it's a total abandonment," Blanco himself, who has participated in several Dakar races, explained to Cuatro TV.


hired me because of my experience to be able to guide and teach him but he did not come to his senses

, he is a unique character and we had already had several days that it was difficult for me to listen to me and there came a point that I have seen that my life was in danger," he said.

"When you see that the pilot doesn't ..., then you put your life at risk," he continued, "and I tell him to stop, I get down to catch some air and he tells me to stay there and get out.

I was lucky enough to that 15 kilometers before there was assistance and that I managed to get the backpack where I carry my passport and the satellite phone and I was able to contact the team and give them my location so that they would pick me up an hour or so later


"I went back to look for him and he hid in some trees"

For his part, the Galician rider Ricardo Ramilo denied this version and recalled that the incident, which took place at kilometer 170 of the eleventh stage "did not occur in any desert" but just after leaving a roadblock.

"It is not the same to leave a person on a street as in the desert where they can die, it is very different," he said.

"He asked me (to get off), the one who was thrown is me, who was left without the cables, without a satellite phone and without the cardboard to be able to seal the passage controls, and then I found out that I cannot run alone and He didn't tell me that either, so he left me lying down, "added Ramilo.

The pilot, who participates in his first Dakar, said that after the incident he

returned to look for his partner

at the place where he had left him, that he hid "behind some trees" and since he could not find him, he went around three times

"and when I see him, I stand next to him and tell him to get on, but he's still angry and he's going to hide behind the trees, "

so he continued his solo tour.

Both are waiting to know the decision of the commissioners of the test.

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