• Narration: This is how we live the game

Ter Stegen was an archangel for Barcelona in Córdoba.

He held his own until the last gasp of overtime, stopped Bautista and Oyarzabal's pitches in the final round, scared Willian José, and paved the way for long-despised Riqui Puig to have his day of glory.

Those of Koeman will play the final of the Super Cup.

But nothing should hide the extraordinary game of Real Sociedad.

The great flight of Frenkie de Jong had previously mixed with an innocent elbow to the ball where it should not.

There is no success without tears, blessed football.

The Dutchman advanced to Barcelona, ​​but also allowed Oyarzabal's penalty draw in a Real Sociedad aesthetic as always, and furious as ever.

He would never give up.

But let's start at the beginning.

For that big head that made the Catalans think that Real Sociedad would be the naive team of always.

Gone were De Jong's doubts, those of a child who was suddenly claimed to be a planetary star of a team in free fall;

the responsibility of being worthy of a pre-pandemic price;

the obligation to live with the memory of that Ajax from Ten Hag, without anyone taking into account the context or pressure.

De Jong jumped to the shore of the Guadalquivir, was suspended in the air and, in an unlikely twist and backwards, he hunted with his head a shot at a goal of those that are not forgotten.

Not so much for the significance, but for the evidence.

If something obsessed Ronald Koeman, it was keeping De Jong away from inconsequential areas.

For this he gave flight.

Signed in his day to be an alpha, the midfielder has become an omega.

He has already scored three goals this season, one more than last season.

This time, after Barcelona took advantage of a robbery, precisely, by the Dutch and that he settled a good center from Griezmann from the left.

The opening goal made Koeman's men believe that the initial harassment of Imanol Alguacil's footballers would be episodic.

Because the Donostiarras, thanks to an insistent advanced pressure, put Koeman's team in a bind from the beginning, pending that it was Ter Stegen who looked for the exits to the labyrinth.

Unable to get around lines in the static attack, but most efficient behind under Araujo's leadership.

Portu and especially Isak had clear options in the first section.

Especially dangerous was the Swedish forward's duel in the sun against the serene Ter Stegen.

The action was born in a loss of Busquets before an Oyarzabal who is difficult to guess deficiencies.

The good rhythm of that game that the fickle Dembélé tried to accelerate contrasted with that uncomfortable silence only broken by the increasingly agonized screams of the footballers, whom their coaches endured unchanged until minute 79. As much as one tries to get used to it, Few things are sadder in sport than an empty stands.

Even more so when what rests on the seats of the fans are canvases promoting the absolutist monarchy of Saudi Arabia.

Barcelona, ​​which this time resorted to the defensive Mingueza for the anarchic Dest, lived with concern the absence of Messi, whose physical condition Barcelona has become unused to hiding.

Today's football operates within these types of codes.

Occultism prevails, so there was no way of knowing the real extent of those muscular discomforts that the Argentine was dragging.

There was no way to supply it.

Griezmann, despite his efforts, ended up melted and failing in the batch.

A habitual torture for him.

Koeman and Imanol intervened in overtime.

Riqui Puig and Pjanic on the one hand, Willian José, Januzaj and Zaldua on the other.

More daring than fear.

Zaldua, right back, was the one who forced Ter Stegen to another heroism.

Dembélé also hinted at the glory, but he was so tired that his shot died in his own cut.

The one who was not going to tire was Araujo, sublime in correction when Oyarzabal's red carpet was unfolded.

There was no truce.

Januzaj was a torment for the Catalans in the twilight.

He even crashed a free kick off the post at 118. Ter Stegen's fingers were the last frontier.

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