Roy Meyer was already eliminated in the first round on Wednesday on the final day of the Masters in Doha.

The Dutch heavyweight could not stunt in the Qatari capital against reigning Olympic champion Teddy Riner.

29-year-old Meyer was not lucky in the draw, because Riner is considered a judo legend.

The Frenchman is, among other things, eight-time world heavyweight champion and won gold at the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games.

For Meyer, his early elimination is a damper in the battle for qualification for next summer's Games.

The Netherlands is only allowed to delegate one judoka in each weight class and the Brabanter competes in the category from 100 kilograms with Henk Grol for the only ticket.

The Dutch judo association recently designated the Masters as one of the three measurement moments for the distribution of the Olympic tickets, which makes it important to perform well in Doha.

The other two tournaments are the Grand Slam in Tel Aviv (February 19-21) and the European Championship (April 16-18).

Competitor Grol does win first game

Unlike Meyer, 35-year-old Grol did win his match in the first round by beating the Hungarian Richard Sipocz.

In the second round, the Groninger awaits a showdown with Aliaksandr Vakhaviak from Belarus.

Jur Spijkers also reached the second round and will compete against the Brazilian David Moura.

Guusje Steenhuis and Marhinde Verkerk won their first competition in the category up to 78 kilograms.

The same applies to world champion Noël van 't End, who competes in the category up to 90 kilograms.

The Masters started Monday and lasts through Wednesday.

The Netherlands took silver twice on the first two match days (Kim Polling and Frank de Wit) and bronze twice (Tornike Tsjakadoea and Sanne Vermeer).