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James Harden

has not yet publicly requested the transfer, it is because before he got home he would receive a fine of $ 50,000.

The 2018 MVP and top scorer in the NBA the last three seasons is dancing on that frontier with the same audacity with which he tries to sting his defenders.

In his last loss to the Lakers he appeared overweight and, after another mediocre performance, made his desire to get out as clear as possible.

"It's a very strange situation and I don't think it can be fixed."

It is the same Harden who skipped the start of the preseason while appearing to party in other cities, who faced his teammates and threw a ball at a rookie when he finally agreed to train, or who indirectly caused the suspension of the first game of the Rockets for another party (this time, at least in Houston).

Two months ago a manager of the franchise assured that they were willing to live "uncomfortable" before selling it off and 'La Barba' seems to have taken it as a challenge.

James Harden understands that his time at the Rockets is over, that after so long mortgaging the future at his request they have run out of present to fight for the title, and he wants to leave while he can still be a star in an aspiring team.

However, he is clashing with two realities: that he still has two more years of a guaranteed contract for about 70 million euros, so Houston is not in a hurry, and that it is very difficult to transfer one of the best players in the league for a price fair.

Even less when it is actively torpedoing its market value.

So Harden keeps stretching the rope hoping that at some point it will break.

His excesses grow at the same rate as the list of teams in which, according to the media, he is willing to play.

They started out as the Sixers, where their supporter,

Daryl Morey


is now

, and the Nets, where he would meet

Kevin Durant


Mike D'Antoni again


Then it was Miami, runner-up, and Milwaukee, one of the big favorites.

In an ESPN report, a former worker described the Rockets' decision making as "whatever Harden wants."

This has been the case since it arrived in 2012, but especially in recent years.

On the track, where the style was degrading until everything was left in his hands and in the offices, where he has been burning stars (

Dwight Howard

, but also the ones he had asked for, like

Chris Paul


Russell Westbrook


And the plan has not worked so badly.

In these eight seasons, they are the third team that has won the most games in the regular phase (413), they have reached the Western Final twice and could well have played the 2018 NBA Finals had it not been for Chris' injury. Paul in the sixth game and the 27 triples in a row that failed in the seventh.

A little more could have aspired in a decade dominated by two dynasties, the Spurs in their last blows, and the Warriors.

At the same time, Harden has been no stranger to setbacks.

It cannot be when it has been the center of its universe.

Some were marked by poor performances for a player of his caliber, one of the most inevitable scorers in recent history.

And although they can be attributed to an attack that at that point is predictable or the wear and tear of a year playing with enormous physical demand, the fact that it was the style that dictated (especially in recent years) leads to the same doubt that now awakens his attitude: how far you will be willing to compromise on your next team.

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