Without complexes, with personality and detached from the languid and defeatist feeling that has been accompanying him.

Green shoots of


appeared on the snow of Pucela, as if the cold had revitalized him in his climb.

Eight day without winning they weighed and

Carlos Soler

shook him

from the load

with a stroke of the pen



found him and served him a ball that, with a dry shot, ended up being the winning goal.

The two captains emerge again to the rescue and

Javi Gracia

has to support them


[Narration and statistics]

The thermal sensation of -7 degrees did not daunt Valencia, who demanded

more from


than they expected.

The flirtation with the relegation experienced by the team did not allow any more stumbling now that the season is touching its equator.

The points in Pucela were so vital that no one complained about the changes in the travel plan or the schedule or the cold.

You had to play and win.

Although the first warning was given by Roque Mesa at the start, it was the Valencians who often approached



Up to 11 times in the first 45 minutes.

He had not lived so close to the goal since April 2019, when he was living in glory.

Now the record only serves to keep hope.

Gayà became, once again, an attack weapon that unhinged Luis Pérez, puzzled between chasing Cheryshev or waiting for the international.

For months, the captain has been converted into a lane of yesteryear, a baseline and a perfect center to the area.

The first was not caught by Wass, but more arrived.

Sergio also did not know how to make his team contain

Kang In

, moving between the lines refining a connection with Maxi that did not occur.

Valencia, without suffering in defense, was facing the most comfortable game of the season.

The goal was missing, which Masip avoided in a worthwhile save.

The rejection of a left-footed shot from Gayà that crashed into the post and became a shell by Soler that the goalkeeper's mitt cleared.

Valladolid woke up after the break and found the Achilles heel of the Valencian players: their defensive gaps.

Kike Pérez measured himself and beat Correia every game to serve centers that


was about to hunt.

However, the pucelanos did not maintain the tension and paid for it.

Valencia stretched out again, Gayà slipped to the side of the area and handed a ball back to Soler, very free, to release a dry shot that surprised Masip.

Valladolid accelerated to achieve the tie seeing how a goal from Vallejo was canceled, but the tie was crashed by Orellana in Jaume's posts.

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