There was also a serious fall at the second giant slalom in Adelboden in Switzerland.

The American Tommy Ford lost control of his skis on Saturday, rolled over, hit his head on the ground and - possibly unconscious - slipped into a safety net a few meters from the finish line.

Two marshals standing on the net were knocked over by the skier sliding over the snow.

Ford remained motionless and was treated for a long time at the scene of the accident.

Race interrupted

Then helpers transported Ford with a rescue sled and loaded him into a rescue helicopter, as can be seen on TV pictures.

The US Ski Association tweeted that Ford was able to speak to rescue workers during the action.

He was flown to a clinic and was conscious, it said.

Further details about the injuries in the 31-year-old were not disclosed.

The race in the Bernese Oberland was interrupted for around half an hour and then continued.

Tommy Ford was apparently temporarily passed out after his fall

Source: AFP via Getty Images / FABRICE COFFRINI


On Friday, the young Norwegian Lucas Braathen fell while crossing the finish line and sustained a ligament injury in his knee.

He has to be operated on and is out for months.